Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Social: Work Hard, Play Hard

I recently came across an interesting German documentary called Work Hard, Play Hard, which I wrote about at Compensation Cafe.  The basic premise is that you create an ultra cool and inviting work environment that entices people to stick around longer and work harder.

Oh, and the underlying theme is that they're being exploited.

I thought the idea of deliberately making employees feel at home in the workplace in order to exploit them was interesting so I floated it to Dave Ryan last time we chatted and we decided to write about it as our next project social topic.

Ironically I didn't have time to write about it for several weeks as I was too busy with work.  Let me just say here that I don't have a particularly cool office, I just work a lot.  Dave was very understanding and proposed the following title: 'Making employees slaves & millionaires.'

You can read Dave's post over at HR Official and my post Work Hard, Play Hard... Source Soft can be found at Compensation Cafe.

We'd love to hear where you stand on the whole sneaky employee exploitation question.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Heads Up: June Leadership Development Carnival

The next Leadership Development Carnival will be on Monday, June 11th, hosted here at Working Girl. For this edition:

"Although all brilliant submissions about leadership are welcome, I’m really interested in sharing stories from the trenches.  In other words what is the best (or worst!) leadership moment you can remember, either yours or someone else’s. Get personal!"

Please include:

Your name
- Name of post author (if different than yours)
- Name of blog, with link
- Name of post, with link
- any introductory comments

Dan McCarthy will be sending out an email with my contact details or you can attach your information as a comment to this post.

Looking forward to it!

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