Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barbie on Talent Management

I recently watched the Barbie Fairytopia series with my daughters and had the following conversation with my 6-year-old:

Daughter: Why did the fairy guardians have to teach the younger fairies the Dance of Spring?

Me: They were doing succession planning.

Blank stare.

Me: In case something happened to one of the guardians they'd still have someone who could do the dance. Otherwise all of Fairytopia would be plunged into winter for ten years.

Daughter (nodding wisely): That would be cold. It's better to teach people.

Daughter: Is Max the boss of the Fungus?

Me: Yes.

Daughter: Is Laverna the boss of Max?

Me: Yes.

Daughter: Why can't Laverna just be the boss of the Fungus, too?

Me: Well, she delegates.

Blank stare.

Me: She's busy thinking of ways to defeat the Enchantress so she doesn't have time to tell all the Fungus what to do. So, she tells Max what they should do and he tells the Fungus.

Daughter: What if he tells them the wrong things?

Me: Hmmn. Good point.

Daughter: I think she yells at them.

Me: Probably.

Daughter: But she shouldn't yell too much or they'll run away she'll have to get new Fungus.

Me: True.

Daugher: And if she doesn't find any she'll have to do all the work herself.

Me: Yes.

Daughter: That's not very smart.

Me: You said it, sweetie.

You find talent management in the oddest places.


  1. Impressive! I didn't learn the word 'delagate' until I was 42. And I still can't spell it

  2. Interesting! The new generation will be very clever, dont you think?

  3. Simple thoughts can be profound isn't it

  4. Is so funny how they teach this topics to the new generation.
    When chris van someren taught us he did it with new techniques it was awesome.


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