Thursday, January 29, 2009

7 out of 10 Executives say...

A Boston Cosulting Group (BCG) and European Association for Personnel Management (EAPM)survey of 1,350 European executives from 27 countries* identified talent management as one of the most critical challenges facing business today. This isn't hugely suprising because pretty much everyone's jumping on the TM bandwagon in the down economy.

But the results of this executive survey** made me laugh:

82% believe that human capital has an impact on profitability

92% think that human capital has an significant effect on customer satisfaction

72% believe that human capital has an impact on innovation and new product development

These figure imply that up to 28% of executives believe that people have no impact on profitability, customer satisfaction or innovation.

To be fair, for all I know the executives surveyed were in highly-automated, non-R&D industries, which might explain scores under 100%. But generally speaking, the executives of any company that has products, services or customers would be well-advised to acknowledge the value of people.

I mean, no impact on profitability, customer satisfaction, innovation or new product development? Clearly these companies have no difficulty attracting creative, customer-oriented, workaholic people....

Where can I apply??

* The Future of HR: Key Challenges Through 2015.
**I came across these figures in a pretty good Taleo Research White Paper: 'Talent Management in a Down Economy.'

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  1. And then they wonder why we don't like our jobs/bosses... Hmmmm.

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I've checked out both of yours. And yes, I do have 5 kids! :)


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