Thursday, March 18, 2010

Talk Like a German: Ending a Meeting

To continue with my theme of Brevity as the new Courtesy, I have translated some useful phrases for ending a meeting or conversation with a German*:
  • I'm sorry, but I don't believe I can help you any more.
  • I'm afraid I can't help you any more. It would be best if you would talk to Herr/Frau So-and-So yourself.
  • Excuse me but I must now end our meeting. I have something important to do.
  • Would you please now let me continue working?
  • You now have all the necessary information. I can't do anything more for you.
  • I'll give you the telephone number for Herr/Frau So-and-So. Please contact him/her yourself.
*Source: Textbook 'Eismann, Volker (2007): 'Success with Telephone and Office Meetings.'


  1. I've found 'Good heavens! Is that the Russian army?' works quite well too.

  2. Hi Lady, very interesting. As for me, I'll just say, "Englis no speak". Game over, ha ha.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.


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