Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Modern Workforce Series

Within the next week I'm expecting my third child, which will I expect will add to my work life complexities. From a blogging perspective, however, it presents certain possibilities.

The workforce is changing and becoming more diverse. Companies are employing more contractors than ever before to minimize fixed costs. The workforce is also expanding globally in order to remain competitive. Technology allows more people to work from home or collaborate effectively from remote locations. And we now have four generations in the workforce (and it may be 5 or 6 before the Boomers retire).

I consider myself a modern worker: I have almost three kids. I'm about as remote as you can get, nine hours ahead of most of my colleagues. I've studied in Moscow and managed teams in California, Tokyo and Munich. And I rely heavily on technology to make it all possible.

And lately... probably influenced by my personal situation... I've got modern workers on the brain. In particular, how do they navigate the workplace and how can companies best manage and engage them?

Related topics keep occurring to me during the day and I'm running out of crumpled napkins to write them on:

  • Coping as a Working Parent
  • Effective Collaboration With Fewer Meetings
  • Manage the Time Zone, Don't Let It Manage You
  • Best Practices for Leading Global Teams
  • Diversity and Good Management
  • Etc.

I have lots to say about each of these but I also welcome guest posts if anyone would like to chime in. If you're interested, DM me at @workgal or drop me a line at


  1. You know I am thinking about my post on the matter. I love your energy and no worries attitute! Be in touch soon!

  2. Only nine hours? Ms. Schroeder, I have been reading your articles and think you are years ahead!

  3. Dave my friend - being 10 months pregnant gives you a new perspective on energy and worries! I'm looking forward your post.

    Jim you just reminded me why I like you. It's lonely here in the future... BTW I recall you were a single working dad and plan to stalk you for a post soon as well. I'm thinking eBook...


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