Friday, February 18, 2011

Coffee Break at the Compensation Cafe

I've been blogging at the Compensation Cafe for about a year and a half and loving it.  The Cafe bloggers are a diverse team with different voices and areas of specialization so it's always the first blog I check when I log on each day. 

Today I've been revisiting and  cataloging my Cafe posts by topic.  Why?  Well, I was thinking my mom might like a leather bound copy for Christmas this year...

Here they are, the complete anthology of a Fairy Compensation Specialist:

The Hidden Cost of Work - You know what your workforce costs.  Do you know what the actual work costs?

Do You Know What Meetings Cost? - Meetings are expensive.  And often unnecessary.

The Value Gap - The gap between what people do and what they could do.

Collaboration: $1.99/Lb - Don't let collaboration slow you down.

A Plug for Cash - Overpaying employees won't motivate them more but underpaying them may demotivate them.

What if We Kill Incentives? - A peek at a world with no incentives.

Hey, Watch Where You Point That Thing! - Careful with those incentives...

Embracing the Sea Change - Are you prepared to deal with contingent workers?

When There's No Script - Do you want to hire specialists or generalists?

Moving Away From Job-Based Pay - How compensation must evolve to meet the needs of a changing workforce.

Powered by Recognition - Recognition programs work best if you also recognize managers who recognize their employees.

What's in it for Bob? - Why should your experienced employees mentor your new employees?

Are Your Managers Ready? - The best laid plans of mice and compensation specialists may be undermined by poor managers.

Engagement: The Good Stuff - Best practices in workforce engagement.

It Actually IS Personal - Smart companies align what's good for the business with what's good for individuals.

Strings Attached - How to create a feeling of connection to the organization.

Back to the Basics - Engagement is about more than money.

Who's Your Talent Manager? - Talent management is a full-time job.

Show Me the Monkey - Lessons about engagement from our primate cousins.

What Can We Learn About Rewards from a Company With no Rewards? - How DOES Wikipedia do it?

All I Want for Christmas - On the power of appreciation.

Trends in Global Talent and Rewards - How to define globally consistent talent and rewards programs.

Are You Comparing Apples and Oranges - How to use a global rewards index to compare global compensation programs.

Because they Can - An ironic essay about what's wrong with executive compensation.

The Curse of the Golden Handcuffs - Practical advice on keeping leaders engaged while preparing future leaders.

Executive Compensation - The Real Risk - Despite what they tell you, executive incentives result in very predictable behaviors.

That's All Very Well but I'm Just the Comp Planner - The most effective strategies for compensation professionals.

We Must, We Must, We Must increase Our Trust - How to re-establish trust in a cynical organization.

Total Rewards Gurus Where Are You? - Today's compensation specialists need to walk both sides of the fence.

It's Not About Spending Less - Business is about making money, not saving money.

Trend Watch 2010 - Amazingly accurate predictions about the future of rewards.

Who Do You Love? - Are you rewarding the right people?

Do Your Rewards Strategies Encourage Poor Performance? - A reality check for performance management.

Balancing Act - There's no 'right answer' when designing rewards programs.

I'm a Hi-Po, He's a Hi-Po, She's a Hi-Po - Wouldn't you like to be a hi-po, too?

Goals - Good goals and bad goals - how to spot the difference.

Coffee's For Closers - A pay for performance primer featuring Alec Baldwin.

One Size Doesn't Fit All - How to maximize the effectiveness and perceived value of rewards.

Shopping at the Compensation Cafe - Why not let people choose their own rewards?

Re-Engaging Your Employees - Using workforce analytics to optimize rewards strategies.

What Can We Learn from Marketing? - HR and marketing have more in common than you'd think...

What's In It For Them? - Compensation communication should help employees connect the dots between performance and rewards.

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