Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Future's So Bright... I Gotta Wear Shades

I study nuclear science
I love my classes
I gotta crazy teacher
Who wears dark glasses

I'm doin' alright
Gettin' good grades
The future's so bright
I gotta wear shades!
-Timbuk 3

My German husband remembers vividly when Chernobl blew up.  As far away as Munich, he had to stay indoors for about a month until the nice men with the Geiger counters said it was 'safe' to go outdoors again. 

Nuclear energy may be perfectly safe as long as all safety protocols are strictly followed and no natural disaster occurs... See the problem?   As soon as something goes wrong - some greedy fool lets a safety measure slide to save a few pennies, for example, or an earthquake hits - you've got a global disaster on your hands.

If only there was a renewable source of energy that didn't cause global warming or birth defects... oh, wait, there is! 

So, why are we still building nuclear power plants and dumping oil in our oceans?  Because renewable energy is still too underdeveloped to meet our needs.

Here are some ways you can help support renewable energy:
  • Follow Greenpeace and Environmental Defense Fund on Twitter and help them reach out to Congress.
  • Buy inexpensive carbon offsets for your home, car and air travel, for example with TerraPass.
  • Call your energy provider and ask about renewable energy options.
  • Buy energy saving appliances.
  • Vote sustainably.

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