Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Couple of Focused Discussions

Hey, all you HR pros!  I posted a couple of questions on that I'd love your feedback on:
  1. How do you evaluate your managers?  The importance of good management to employee engagement is now recognized but how do companies monitor how their managers are doing? For example, 360 degree reviews might be a tool you use, or employee surveys. Or perhaps workforce metrics, such as turnover or team performance. How do you ensure good management at your company? 
  2. How do you manage contingent workers?     In many companies HR has little to do with contingent workers, partly because they are tracked outside of the HR system.  This means HR has poor visibility into an increasingly large worker population, which may have a negative impact on performance and may even lead to liability issues.  How involved is HR with contingent workers at your company?
 Even if you don't want to weigh in, the answers others have provided may interest you.  Check it out!

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