Friday, April 8, 2011

Project Social: The Inside Scoop

Dave Ryan and I were chatting earlier this week about various topics and decided it's time for a project social check point.

You can read Dave's observations over at HR Official. Here are mine:

We started project social last October, so it's been about 6 months.  In that time, we've written quite a few posts and chatted almost weekly.

I look forward to my weekly chats with Dave.  He's a real 'in the trenches' HR person, which is a great reality check for me.  For example, when I get too heavy on the TM speak he might observe mildly that he doesn't call it that, he just does it.  Or that it doesn't solve his compliance problem.

He's also a really nice guy.

I'm not sure how we ended up doing tandem posts but it's working well for us.  Basically, we post on the same topic about once a week from our two unique perspectives: his as a respected HR leader and mine as a professional smart alec.  We link to each others posts, tweet them and usually add a comment.

We also #FF each other.  

In the beginning we struggled a bit to find a unique topic and wrote a few posts about corporate sustainability.  Unfortunately, these turned out to be less popular than later posts about how everyone's still missing the boat when it comes to talent management. 

In addition to the social aspect of project social, over the last six months we've both picked up new followers and additional traffic - apparently we're onto something with this tandem posting and cross-linking strategy.

So now we're looking to tandem post with a few more people to see what happens...

Any takers?


  1. Great update Laura. You and Dave have done a terrific job showing the rest of us the power of this project!

  2. Thanks for your support, Jay - I'll be circling back with you on this...


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