Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Social: Pleased to Tweet You

To tweet or not to tweet?  That is the question.  My project social partner Dave and I were discussing social media the other day and got on the topic of why we re-tweet (or don’t). 

You can read about how to get re-tweeted by Dave over at HR Official and chew the fat with Lyn about the synergies of Twitter and bacon over at The Bacon Hut (Get it? Chew the fat?)

Why do I tweet thee?
  1. You re-tweeted something of mine – If you’re nice enough to RT something of mine I’ll try to RT something of yours.  
  2. You wrote or tweeted something really good – Re-tweeting is the next best thing to having written it myself.  
  3. I think I can use the information – I re-tweet it it so I can find it again later under my profile.
  4. You support one of my pet theories or causes – That’s pretty self-explanatory, right?
  5. You make an argument I hadn’t considered – This one’s my favorite.
  6. You’re funny – I love funny.
  7. I like you – You read my blog, RT my tweets and/or write amazing stuff of your own so I check in with you regularly.  
  8. I want to encourage you – I just feel like giving you a pat on the back.  In a good way.
  9. You came up with the perfect title – Good titles should be encouraged.
  10. You asked me to – I’ll usually RT or comment at least once when people ask me to.
Why do you re-tweet?  Dave, Lyn and I want to know!


  1. I think you hit all the main reasons why I re-tweet as well. For me, the main reason is #2, when I see and read something really outstanding I want to share, and hopefully give the content a chance to find some new audiences that might not have seen it before.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Steve. I think a desire to share is what makes Twitter tick!

    1. Informative articles and news, great to read all the responses and input, thanks for your contributions and opinions.


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