Monday, June 20, 2011

My 3 Posts: Letourneau, Doody and Big Daddy Paul

In the spirit of project social, Dave, Lyn and I wanted to share some of our favorite posts with you.  Since we all hate lists with more than 10 items (OK, I hate lists with more than 10 items) we’re each picking 3.

For a total of 9.

It wasn't easy.  There are many great posts out there and I’m probably forgetting several that really moved me at the time.  But I tried to come up with three that I think are particularly good and a little off the beaten path.

  • And finally, my favorite post of all time: Ugly Malcolm Photos by Big Daddy Paul.  Since I tend to post pictures that make my life appear perfect and effortless, I admire Paul’s honesty and hilarity as a parent.  I recommend you check out this post and his very funny blog.

So, that's my three.  To complete the list and get your full money's worth, click over to Dave's picks at HR Official and Lyn's at The Bacon Hut!


  1. That certainly is an eclectic smattering of posts. It give me a little insight into how troubled you may really be.

    Great stuff Laura - thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. I am so jazzed to have the "Story Tellers" post as a favorite. As a marketing and product design person that post really is a home run. Thanks Laura.


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