Friday, July 29, 2011

No Comment

Dave Ryan and I were chatting the other day about how our recent project social topics have generated lots of new traffic but little in the way of comments so we decided our next PS topic would be, ‘Why do I comment?’  

Of course, we don’t know if our reasons for commenting are the same as yours but we're both so typical they probably are. 

So here’s why I comment:

1.    Your post made me laugh or struck a chord
2.    I’m letting you to know I stopped by
3.    I have an alternative point of view
4.    I recently blogged about the exact same thing
5.    I thought of the perfect one-liner

And here’s why I don’t:

1.    I can’t think of a darn thing to say
2.    I’m not sure what your point is
3.    Leaving a comment requires a password
4.    Your post is too long

Anything ring a bell?

You can check out what Dave Ryan has to say about commenting over at HR Official.


  1. All true, and of course,"I've commented on your post before with no response or thanks"

  2. Hi Laura,

    You've brought up several good reasons why people post comments. As a blogger I enjoy it immensely when readers do so. Sometimes the comments are better than the blog post. You can have some interesting discussion threads occur. Or they can turn nasty. I know news sites have this problem and often turn to moderators to weed out spambots and rude contributors.

    Regardless of the reasons if you enjoy blogging then keep at it! Oftentimes people won't comment but the post may still resonate with them. As long as they take something away from it then you've accomplished something.

  3. Definitely an interesting question. No doubt for many blogs and posts including simple and prominent social sharing buttons has served to reduce comment volume. Why click 'add a comment', enter your name, email address, then your comment, if you can at least indicate to the author that you enjoyed the post by the one or two click sharing process. It would be a good experiment sometime to see if making social sharing harder would actually increase blog comments, but then again, perhaps some readers would be angry that they could not easily share the post on Twitter or Facebook.

  4. What a great point! It's so much easier to tweet than it is to comment...

    I enjoy comments as much as the next person but also appreciate when people visit and read, whether or not they leave a trail.

    I love my lurkers! Whoever the heck you are.

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