Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Truth About Talent

I just finished reviewing a new i4cp research report The People-Profit Chain: A Model for Increasing Market Performance by up to 3x.   It's chock full of metrics, best practices and practical tips on how to connect the dots between people practices and market performance.

You can learn more over at Compensation Cafe: The People-Profit Chain.


  1. The practices of talent management are seriously adrift from the strategy and challenges facing organizations today.

  2. I believe that we have a baseline obligation to do our best and work hard at those things we are either responsible for, or pursuing from passion. Work ethic does matter. But - at the end of the day, we will have "each to his own ability". Either an innate true talent/gift - or not. This doesn't remove our responsibility to work hard and certainly doesn't remove the joy of pursuing a passion, and becoming very skilled at that passion.

  3. A talent is a group of aptitudes useful for some activity, talents may refer to aptitudes themselves...

  4. Good post about the talent....


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