Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Modern Workforce: March Five Faves

I recently kicked off a Modern Workforce series, which focuses on workforce diversity topics such as remote workers, global teams, generations, working moms, adoption of Web 2.0 technologies, etc.

Last month I highlighted a few great posts that contribute to this topic and here are my picks for this month.

The overriding themes are flexibility and good management.  Enjoy!

First up at Tuttopersona is a thoughtful post about how work and personal life get confused as more people work from home: Work Life / Personal Life Blurred

Next, check out Fast Company’s article on what modern employees wish managers would finally figure out: Ten Things Your Employees Wish You Knew About Them

After that, share Google’s epiphany that people don’t want to be managed by techies, they want to be managed by good managers: Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss 

Don’t miss Boston.com’s article on how flexible work arrangements improve retention and increase engagement while saving money: When Time is Money

Finally, check out Stephanie Thomas’ excellent post about the perceived value of time: Time, Money and Value

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