Thursday, June 23, 2011

Worth a Second Cup?

The other day I highlighted 3 blog posts that I thought were particularly good… and then realized I forgot one!  How could I have forgotten Dan McCarthy’s hilarious post on Boomer Bosses and Millennials?

Why do I like this post so much?  Well, aside from it being such a gracious and funny post the note from the millennial to the Boomer is so insightfully snarky:

“Whether you like it or not, Boomers, you are being replaced. This is called change, evolution. Don't worry though. Keep being crotchety. It will prepare you well for your upcoming retirement. Drink your cheap coffee. Plan ways to spend your social security. I'll do my best to stay off your lawn.”

No offense to the Boomers but I had to laugh out loud about the coffee.  I still remember visiting my mom’s office as a kid where the coffee even smelled stale.  And to this day, while she doesn’t object to a good cup of coffee, she also doesn’t insist on it.

The coffee snobbery of my generation may be a subtle form of rebellion.

The Boomers as a generation have had an enormous impact on our world.  They were the first generation to embrace the modern culture of self-gratification, consumerism and waste that endangers our planet today.  They were also the first generation to 'do it my way,' laying the foundation for future generations to express themselves freely and pursue non-traditional career paths. 

More so than any other generation, if it weren’t for the Boomers this world of ours would look a whole lot different, in both good ways and bad.  Boomers, I salute you.

Now, how 'bout some real coffee?


  1. Laura -
    Thanks for the mention and salute! Same to you. (-:
    For the record, since we've moved to New England, I now drink Green Mountain. That's adapting, right?


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