Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Holiday Medley: Compensation Cafe Podcast

ChristmasTime In celebration of that special time of year, check out the Compensation Cafe Holiday Medley podcast - a lively thirty minute turn through a number of seasonal reward topics:
  • Cash versus Recognition. Salaries have been in a suppressed state due to the tough economy, salary freezes/cutbacks and record low salary increase levels. Can we make recognition succeed in this environment? If so, how? Will employees respond to non-cash rewards when/if they are feeling underpaid?
  • Salaries versus Incentives. Research suggests variable pay opportunities are growing more quickly than salary levels and that incentives are playing an increasing role in all employee’s pay packages. Do we buy this? Will employees buy this? Will this hold true as the labor market recovers and salary pressure grows?
  • Cash versus Learning and Development. Are learning and development legitimate forms of compensation? Will people accept training and growth opportunities in lieu of more money – particularly as the economy grows stronger?
The Holiday Medley podcast was produced in partnership with Human Resources IQ, as part of the lead-up to their Online Compensation & Rewards Summit 2011 (January 18 through February 10).

(Note that the early bird discount for event registration is extended through this week.)

Happy Holidays!

Image: Creative Commons Photo "Christmas Time!" by L*u*z*A

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